Brian Bridgeman

Brian Bridgeman

Jr. Eng., CFEI, CVFI, Junior Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle

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Office : Montreal (Laval)

Phone : 450 686-0240     ext. 4134

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With CEP since 2017, 2 years of experience. Brian Bridgeman obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, and a DEC in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Dawson College. He has significant technical experience in the automotive field.



As a Junior Forensic Engineer, Brian conducts detailed investigations on a variety of vehicles that have experienced a mechanical failure or fire. After completing an investigation, he uses controlled experiments, laboratory tests, and research in order to validate his hypotheses. He then prepares expert technical reports that focus on the origin and cause of the incidents based on his findings.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical systems and equipment 
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Vehicles
  • Fire (origin and cause)
  • Component failure analysis
  • Mechanical system analysis