Michael Peck

Michael Peck

P.Eng. | Senior Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Collision Reconstruction, Mechanical Engineering

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Office : Calgary

Phone : 403 230-2344     ext. 6303

Email : mpeck@cep-experts.ca




Mike has two degrees, one in Physics from Dalhousie University, and one in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nova Scotia. He specializes in collision reconstruction, and since coming to CEP in 1997, Mike has completed over 1000 investigations, and testified at trial as an expert witness multiple times. His experience in collision investigations covers a vast array of circumstances, including low speed, high speed, sideswipe, rollover and fatality collisions. He has worked on pedestrian, motorcycle, all-terrain and road vehicle impacts.



Mike has completed training to become a Crash Data Retrieval Specialist, as well as attending courses on advanced event data recorder analysis, and is certified in both. He is adept at using roadway markings and vehicle data to complete simulations of vehicle collisions and occupant dynamics analysis. Additionally, Mike has co-authored papers on a variety of topics, including seat belt use and effectiveness, the analysis of low speed collisions and the analysis of left turning vehicles at intersections.


  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Examination and documentation of vehicles and collision sites
  • Interpretation of roadway markings
  • Data retrieval from vehicle on-board modules
  • Analysis of vehicle and occupant dynamics
  • Simulations of vehicle collisions in 3-D environments
  • Low speed, high speed, sideswipe, rollover and fatal collisions
  • Motorcycle, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and pedestrians
  • Human factors analysis including visibility assessments