Sergii Gubanov

Sergii Gubanov

M.Sc. | Forensic Investigator

Specialties: Collision Reconstruction

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Office : Toronto

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Sergii Gubanov earned a master’s degree in automotive engineering from Prydniprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Ukraine. In 2017, he completed  his master’s degree in forensics at the National Academy of Internal Affairs in Kyiv, Ukraine. Before joining CEP, Sergii held different positions related to forensics with the National Police of Ukraine. These various experiences allowed him to acquire thorough practical and theoretical skills in areas related to vehicle collision investigations.



As a forensic investigator with CEP, Sergii investigates and analyses all types of motor vehicle collisions. He performs site examinations and collision circumstances assessments including seatbelt use, collision severity, pre-impact and post impact vehicle speeds, vehicle dynamics, avoidance potential, and visibility/lighting factors.


  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Vehicle and Site Examination and Documentation
  • Interpretation of Roadway Markings
  • Passenger and Commercial Electronic Module Data Extraction and Analysis
  • Analysis of Vehicle and Occupant Dynamics
  • Human Factors Analysis Including Visibility Assessments
  • Driver Collision Avoidance Opportunity Assessment
  • Simulation and Animation of Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Investigation of Collisions Involving Recreational Vehicles