From digging in the soot to spying through a microscope, every day is different
There are no typical days for Ashley, she does a bit of everything. Her tasks vary between microscopes and metallography, digging through fire scenes, and writing reports. As a materials engineer, Ashley is always working through a failure mechanism, and examining the smallest of details to the largest of cracks is all in a day’s work. Whether she’s sifting through debris, using the SEM or metallographic microscope, or performing a testing protocol, she’s always on the hunt for answers.


Mechanical properties, puzzles and rolling with the punches – kitchen adventurer extraordinaire 
Ashley employs a wide range of skills and a deep knowledge of materials properties to solve the puzzles involved in each file, helping her clients get the answers they need. She enjoys getting out on assignment whether it is by herself or with other engineers or technicians. Her colleagues love her no nonsense attitude, her willingness to take on any task and her ability to roll with the punches.

At work, Ashley is known as an adventurer in the kitchen – she’s always learning how to make something new. She keeps everyone posted on where the best spots are for food and drinks! Her eagerness is infectious and keeps her coworkers wanting to join her explorations and learn new skills. Also, she can’t go to the hardware store for test supplies without “saving” a plant or two and always ends up walking back with a new fig tree or fern in addition to the bag of parts she actually required.


And because life is more than work…
Ashley loves to box, hike, and ride her bike everywhere. Sometimes, she takes off into the wilderness for numerous days: in the summer she’ll bring hiking boots and a tent and, in the winter, skis or a snowboard. To balance out her life, she devotes time to her creative side by making plates, mugs, and bowls in the local ceramics studio. 


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