On the Job

Benson has worked for CEP for three years as our National Safety Officer and Forensic investigator with the collision group. In between safety checks and examining vehicles for hail damage or potential hit-and-runs, he finds some time to be involved in some company special projects and oversees corporate safety protocols.

In his past life, Benson spent many years involved in the automotive manufacturing industry, overseeing testing, failure investigations and quality control, but what he likes most about CEP is the investigative nature of the assignments. They are like puzzles with set rules and structure – and he enjoys solving puzzles.

He enjoys the variations of files along with the flexibility and how great the people at CEP are to work with, especially when needing to collaborate on a file.

Around the Office

When he’s wearing his safety hat, Benson deals with the quality related issues across the company. He also keeps tabs on engineers to making sure their safety training is up to date even if he has to send a few emails to do it. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s dealing with the company truck, tracking down evidence, or helping his colleagues with research. He’s all about getting things done!

In weekly staff meetings, he always greets everyone with a big grin and has been known to crack a sarcastic joke or two.

Life Outside Work

When he’s not out on inspection or sitting at his desk, Benson can be found in the mountains hiking and skiing with his family or mountain biking with friends. He’s a passionate soccer play who plays on an over 35 indoor/outdoor team. On his down days, he loves hanging out with family, playing games, or watching movies and he’s never been one to say no to a cold beer.


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