Investigating losses across the globe
Even though Jamie has only been with CEP Forensic for a few months, he’s not new to forensic engineering. He has worked in the UK, Australia, and now he has been busy investigating the causes of all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial structures here in Canada. He’s looked at everything from foundations to skylights in just a few months! With vast experience in both the design and assessment of various types of structures and failures, Jamie provides his clients with a comprehensive overview of what likely caused the loss, as well as how to fix it.


A Curious Mind and an Effective Team
From a young age, Jamie has been fascinated about how things work, and forensic engineering has allowed him to dive deep into learning about various structures. From wood, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel, to composite and masonry, he’s looked at a wide variety of losses, working backwards to determine the root of the issues. With help from the civil/structural team across Canada, Jamie strives diligently to get the job done, all while enjoying a cup of coffee.


And because life is more than work…
When Jamie leaves the office behind, his two passions are skiing and cycling. He lives for snow covered powder slopes in the winter and currently coaches freestyle skiing. In the warmer months, biking is his go-to sport, and in 2018 he competed in the 24-hour Mountain Bike World Championship.


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