The insurance world is constantly changing; keeping up to date on the latest advancements in forensic investigations is tough. CEP has a variety of training opportunities that allow you to optimize the management of your claims.

The content of each session is adapted to meet your needs. We give you the option to decide what the topic is, and the length of the training, to ensure you get the most out of every session. At the end of your training, you’ll have a complete picture of the type of loss you’ve chosen to explore.

With the information presented by our knowledgeable experts, you will learn how to assess the need for an in-depth investigation of the claims you are dealing with. You will also have better control of the costs related to these claims.

These carefully prepared programs will give you access to continuing education credits. Some of our courses are accredited by the Alberta Insurance Council, and if the specific training you’re looking for isn’t already accredited, we are happy to have it approved.

Want to increase the efficiency of your team in claims management? Our experts will share their knowledge directly in your office!

Contact us for a full listing of our seminars and to organize a training session for your team!