Alexandre Vezeau

Alexandre Vezeau

P.Eng. | Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Structural & Civil Engineering

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Office : Montreal (Laval)

Phone : 450 686-0240     ext. 4134

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Alexandre Vezeau earned a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) in Montréal in 2013, and a technical diploma in architecture from Collège Montmorency in 2009. As a forensic civil engineer, Alexandre carries out investigations on disaster sites and prepares expert reports to identify the cause of the damage and determine its extent.



Before joining the CEP team in 2021, Alexandre worked for seven years as a site superintendent in the Greater Montréal area. He spent the year of 2017 in California, where he managed residential projects with unparalleled design. Most of his experience relates to planning and supervision of construction work, quality control as well as management of contracts and project schedules.


  • Civil engineering and structure
  • Site management
  • Project management
  • Building envelope
  • Soundproofing
  • Excavation and earthwork
  • Wood frames
  • Concrete
  • Municipal infrastructures: sewers, aqueducts, drainage, electricity, gas and telecommunications
  • Construction defects
  • Code-compliance study