A response to your needs,
no matter the situation

With the large number of experts in our ranks, we are able to support you in a variety of fields. Whether it’s failures, injuries, fires or even hazardous material spills, we’re here to help. In litigation or emergency situations, we work efficiently, without compromising our comprehensive approach.

What can we do for you?

Collision Reconstruction

Whether it concerns heavy trucks, cars or recreational vehicles, inadequate road designs or defective restraint systems, our experts have the answer.

Biomechanics & Injury

Collisions, falls, sports accidents or workplace incidents: Injuries generate complex claims that require an expert.

Fire & Explosion

If flames damage a vehicle, building or vegetation, we are on the ground to investigate.

Electrical Engineering

Because they play a crucial role, electrical components of all types of equipment must be analyzed immediately when they are out of service.

Civil Engineering & Structure

Foundations, swimming pools, building envelopes, urban structures and infrastructures: We analyze almost all types of construction.

Environmental Science

Repair, evaluation, characterization or monitoring of interventions; our experts help you to minimize impacts and costs.

Metallurgy & Materials

Breakage, failure and deterioration of materials are sometimes the source of the problem. Our analysis allows you to get to the bottom of it.

Mechanical Engineering

Whether it’s building systems, industrial processes or vehicles, we investigate carefully to understand failures.

Energy & Industries

Because they are critical, the production of energy and the processing of raw materials cannot stop for long, we target the problem without delay.

Scientists, experts and partners

Working with CEP means finding the answer to your questions in the best possible way. Discover how our approach is unique.