Because our clients know that
we’re always behind them




Because we’re not only experts, we’re people!

In the world of Forensic Engineering, nothing is obvious at first glance. To work in this field, you have to play two roles: scientist and investigator. An analytical spirit is crucial to our team, and we are motivated by our zest for solving any puzzle we’re faced with.

But beyond our passion for our profession, we are committed to delivering the most transparent investigation possible. From the initial request to the final report, you will always have the facts.

CEP is more than just an acronym; it stands for a unique customer-oriented approach you can count on.

C for Clear Communication

We believe that providing superior service, in even the most sensitive situations, starts with good listening, followed by accessibility and reliability. Our experts are specialists in their field and know how to share their knowledge with perfect transparency.

E for Effective Execution

We know that a legal dispute can easily create tension. That’s why you’ll have access to our experts wherever you need us. What’s most important to us is finding that missing piece, right when you need it most.

P for Partnership and Presence

The scope of our expertise is widened by our human approach. We keep in mind that your trust is what allows us to participate in a multitude of interesting projects, year after year.

Working with CEP means…

  • An exceptional client experience, no matter how complex the case
  • The solution to a slew of challenges, all under one roof
  • Quick and efficient investigations
  • Experts available quickly
  • A commitment to occupational health and safety
  • Trust in the confidentiality of your information
  • And above all, a partnership between our team and yours

Because we have the right expert for every situation

The exceptional skill of each of our employees is what makes us strong. We rely on our multidisciplinary team to promote communication, efficiency and the best of partnerships. And if an expert is missing from our team, we find one!

Find the right expert

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