Major losses:
what are their challenges?

Demystifying the origin of a major loss

  • Every major loss is unique in the extent of the damage … and the amount of the insurance claim that accompanies it! Whether in the residential, industrial or commercial sector, a major loss file implies that you must manage several parties and assess issues of subrogation or liability. Our experienced experts can help shed light on the cause and origin of the loss, allowing you to make the important decisions.

The stages of a CEP investigation

Once your request has been received and a conflict check has been completed, a project manager will take charge of your file, from start to finish. A forensic expert in the required specialty will visit the site of the incident, and you will be promptly notified of the cause and potential issues, as well as any additional steps that might be necessary.

Our experts will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation, and provide updates on the budget. With our report, you will have a clear picture of the probable cause of the loss.

Leave nothing to chance thanks to CEP

Multidiscip­linary team

To answer your questions, the diverse and complementary expertise of the members of our team makes it possible to cover the many facets of a loss.

Easy and efficient process

Forget unanswered questions with our transparent communication and easy-to-reach experts.

Competent partners

Take advantage of the experience, both in the field and in the laboratory, of our forensic engineers and investigators who are used to complex cases.

Outstanding customer service

From start to finish, rely on thoroughness and assistance from an engineer or scientist. Their mission? Supporting you in resolving your investigations and determining the true cause of your loss.

Scientists, experts and partners

Working with CEP means finding the answer to your questions in the best possible way. Discover how our approach is unique.