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The Sky is Falling – Evaluating hail damage to buildings and vehicles
May 26, 2022 – 1 pm EDT
Presented by Carla Ladner, P.Eng., and Benson Pedoniquott

Hail forms when water droplets are lifted by thunderstorm updraughts high enough in the atmosphere to be above the freezing level. These droplets can form larger by repeatedly colliding with water droplets creating an ice pebble, or in some cases, stones as large as golf balls, or even bigger. These stones can cause immense damage to any building or vehicle that might be in their way. In Canada’s 4th costliest natural disaster, hail the size of tennis balls fell as fast as 100 km/h, damaging homes, vehicles, and crops, causing widespread devastation.

In disasters like these, how can you tell whether something was damaged by hail or by other means? CEP’s experts can help! In this webinar our experts will delve into the kinds of damages that hail can cause, in both structures and vehicles, and how we tell the difference.

This webinar is accredited in BC, SK, MB, and an application for accreditation has been made in AB.