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Chain Collisions – Finding the facts when links are missing
January 27, 2022: 1 pm to 2 pm EST
Presented by John McEvoy, P.Eng., and Paul Gullekson, P.Eng.

Bumper cars might be fun to watch at the amusement park, but in the insurance world chain collisions have extensive implications. Chain collisions are complicated, and liability is usually in question. Understanding who hit whom, and in what order the collisions occurred, is important when assessing liability. The evidence available in these collisions is often messy and overwhelming; however, with vehicle examinations, EDR data, witness statements and repair documents, determination of the severity of the collisions and the sequence of events can be done. In this webinar, our experts explore the methods used to collect and analyze data from vehicles involved in a chain collision, and how they use this evidence to provide a clear picture of what actually happened during the incident. 

This webinar has been submitted for AIC continuing education credits in AB.