The investigation process of structural failures

Structures can fail due to various factors: overloading, caused by climactic events, material deterioration, or issues during design, construction, or maintenance, is a common cause. In this video we explore the complexities of investigating structural failures, outline the steps involved and discuss subsequent actions. Our experts provide valuable insights into the role of forensic engineers in ensuring the safety and integrity of our built environment.

Commonalities between forensic engineering and the refrigerator? Preservation... of food or evidence!

While refrigerating food is a safe daily practice today, it wasn't always the case! Traditional methods of preservation such as dehydration, cooking, adding food additives, or canning have limitations, leading many researchers in the 19th century to explore new technology. James Harrison, a journalist, printer, politician, and even an inventor (he must have been bored!), was ultimately the first to obtain a patent for his refrigeration system in 1855.

A methodical dive into vehicle fire investigations

Vehicle fires can be triggered by a host of different sources, making it a real challenge to determine the cause. Critical questions arise in the investigative process: Did the vehicle have any known mechanical issues? Are there recalls associated with its make and model? Could environmental factors, like wind patterns, explain the uneven distribution of damage? This video delves into the meticulous process that investigators need to follow to shed light on the reasons behind a vehicle catching fire.

Brass alloy plumbing components: useful facts and failure mechanisms

Brass alloys are widely used to produce plumbing components, and typically perform well for years in most applications. It is not uncommon for potable water plumbing systems inside a residence to contain many brass fittings that are generally forgotten and unproblematic. From time to time, leaks are associated with brass plumbing components even if they were sourced from domestic suppliers with good reputations for durability and quality. This article presents a brief overview of brass alloys and the major failure mechanisms observed when components made from commercial brass alloys leak.


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