Infotainment and Telematic Systems

Infotainment and telematics systems are becoming increasingly popular in modern vehicles. Since the introduction of Ford's SYNC system in 2008, most vehicle manufacturers have developed their own in-car systems that allow occupants to play music, make phone calls, look up directions, control vehicle functions, and even connect to the internet with intuitive interfaces.

The dangers of ice damming

With sub-zero winter temperatures and months of snowfall, Canadian winter weather can result in an influx of property damage claims. Specifically, in the right conditions, ice damming can be a common concern.

Snow covered roofs

Each winter, during periods of significant snowfall, the buildup of snow on roofs can be a real concern.Snow accumulation depends on many factors, including wind direction, building orientation, roof pitch, shelter, and, of course, weather conditions. For example, houses are more at risk when the wind is blowing from the west and the lower side of the house is to the east.


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