Run, jump and play - The hazards of play structures

As weather gets warmer, children and families are likely to be spending more time outdoors and at the local play structure! Although playgrounds are usually fun for children of all ages, accidents can happen, which may result in injuries. This article addresses some common play structure hazards seen by our experts in various losses.

Most Memorable Files Series – Part 3

Whenever someone first meets one of our engineers, they are inevitably asked, “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” and, while we obviously won’t share identifying details, every engineer has a story! In part three of our series, we chatted with four of our fire cause and origin investigators to ask them about the memorable files they’ve encountered throughout the years:

Spotlight on 11 pillars of our administrative team!

Over the weeks, spotlights of our experts have appeared in your email inbox – but our team isn’t just made up of engineers and forensic investigators! Get to know those who make up the administrative branch (and are responsible for the smooth running!) of CEP Forensic.

Mechanics and Its Challenges, from Modern Times to Today!

Almost two hundred years ago, the first industrial revolution swung our world into productivity and mechanization. Many technical and scientific advances have since been discovered. With the arrival of the Internet and Industry 4.0, the pace is only accelerating! As depicted in Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times (1936), these changes have a major influence on our daily lives and come with their share of challenges.

RV Damage – a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

With the weather getting warmer across the country, recreational vehicle (RV) owners are dusting off their ‘home-away-from-home’ in preparation for adventure. While the extent of these journeys will vary, many owners did not purchase their RV with the intention of only staying on well groomed roadways. Unfortunately, a myriad of issues can arise, for a variety of reasons, in which case CEP can help you untangle the cause.

The Hazards and Safety Concerns in Flooded Buildings

When flood waters rise, the first concern is always evacuation of those in immediate danger. But once the immediate threat to life has subsided, the insurance community begins to assess the damage. In catastrophic loss situations, the overwhelming amount of damage can be daunting. So, where do you start?


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