Iron Man versus corrosion: a duel of titans!

Affecting many metals that make up everyday objects (steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, etc.), corrosion is an enemy that wreaks enormous havoc. While this phenomenon is simple enough, its plans for destruction are rather difficult to counteract - hence the importance of calling in experts to help.

Using chemistry to explain the cause of a loss

Chemistry is everywhere! The study of atoms, molecules, and the interactions between various products can also be used to analyze things that are invisible to the naked eye and to bring enormous precision to our forensic investigations for the benefit of our customers! Here are how our experts with a background in chemistry perceive its use in investigations carried out by CEP.

Releasing the pressure to avoid the worst

Any pressurized tank or piping system such as your domestic hot water tank, your compressed air tank in your garage or a pressurized installation in a factory has a generally small, but very essential part: an overpressure protection device. The role of this device is to release excess pressure in order to avoid an explosion. Our engineer, Hugo Julien, who specializes in the interpretation and application of codes associated with stationary equipment of all kinds, answers a few questions.

The Wizard of Oz, Frank Abagnale and... Fraud Detection!

Whether his name is the Wizard of Oz or Frank Abagnale, an impostor wears many masks. The fictional character of the Land of Oz and the fake pilot, doctor and lawyer who inspired Catch Me If You Can have both deceived, covered up the truth, and abused people's trust… just like insurance fraudsters do!

Hitting the Wall: safely repairing vehicle impacted buildings

In general, buildings are constructed to withstand a variety of forces; wind and snow, the weight of the building itself, and the weight from its intended use, such as occupants or equipment, all need to be accounted for when a structure is designed. However, occasionally, something else might impart forces on a structure that wasn’t specifically considered during the design process: a vehicle.

Is wood heating safe? Yes, but…

There is nothing like a soothing fireplace that warms the mood on cold winter evenings! But how do you prevent a beautiful evening from escalating into a fire in your home? You must first know the type of device used and how it transmits heat. This information will go a long way in helping you reduce the risk of fire.


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