Construction Contract Disputes Adjudication: The Importance of Adjudicator Selection

Considering the nature of civil engineering construction projects and the considerable number of contract items, disputes between contract parties occur, and dispute resolution becomes inevitable. Adjudication is one of the dispute resolution methods, and since October 2019, the adjudication process has become mandatory in all Ontario construction contract-related disputes.

Shedding light on Biomechanical Investigations

Have you ever had a file come across your desk where there is a question of injury causation or severity? Does it seem beyond a standard engineering analysis of the incident but does not really fit the assessment of a medical physician either? Then a biomechanical engineer might just be the person you need.

Once upon a time in masonry...

Throughout history, brick and stone masonry has been proven to stand the test of time. From the Egyptians and Romans to modern day, all its physicochemical qualities have been assessed; even fairy tales, like the three little pigs, have tested it!

Winter Driving and You

Living in Canada, we get used to dealing with cold weather for many months of the year and are no strangers to driving in winter conditions. That also means that most people understand and account for the hazards experienced when driving in cold weather.

Snow Retention Systems

Managing snow on roofs during a typical Canadian winter can pose several unique challenges. Between snow drifting from nearby surfaces, uneven accumulations, and issues around freeze and thaw cycles, understanding how snow accumulation behaves on a roof is crucial. Especially when it becomes a question of the safety for building occupants and passers-by.

The Basics of Vehicle Fire Investigation

Whether it's a motorcycle, car, tractor, or skidder, the destruction of vehicles by fire can pose a real problem. Fortunately, with the right methods and tools, it can be solved. Here's a look at the investigative work required to shed light on this mystery.


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