Demystifying slip, trip and fall claims

With colder temperatures upon us, slippery conditions will increase slip and falls claims. But icy surfaces are not the only cause of slip, trip and fall incidents. To give you some insight into handling slip and fall claims this winter, we sat down with Edmonton-based biomechanical engineer, Rebecca Moss, to explore the topic.

Forensic Guide to Glass

Glass is everywhere around us and forensic investigators are frequently assigned to work on projects involving damage to glass or injuries caused by broken glass. Basic composition, brief descriptions of the different types of glass available on the market, probable failures and the role of the forensic investigator: this article provides a full overview concerning glass.

Leonardo da Vinci - a trailblazer in forensic engineering?

Let’s go back to basics: what do forensic engineers really do? The job is split into two parts. First, these specialized engineers analyze structural, mechanical, and other engineering failures: What was the problem? Why did it happen? Then, they develop methods to resolve them: what is the best course of action for repair or is there any avenue for recovery?

Most Memorable Files Series – Part 4

Whenever someone first meets one of our engineers, they are inevitably asked, “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen?” and, while we obviously won’t share identifying details, every engineer has a story! In part four of our series, we chatted with three of our mechanical engineers.


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