Pool Failure Investigations

Helping you determine the source of the problem

The Canadian pool season is short and pool owners want to savour every moment. Unfortunately, springtime often brings its fair share of pool damage.  Poor or lack of maintenance, extreme temperatures, unsuitable geotechnical characteristics or an improper installation may be to blame.

But why should you assign an Engineer to a pool failure?

There are many types of pools and each one can be subject to a plethora of failures. From structural to geotechnical knowledge for inground pools, to building envelope expertise related to indoor pools, a Civil Engineer is generally assigned. Problems due to material failures are also very common. When they occur, the expertise of a Materials Engineer will come into play. Other claims can involve a slip and fall incident, where the installation may not have conformed to applicable codes and standards, and the use of a tribometer to measure the friction of the walking surface would be necessary.

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Common failures?

From simple discolouration of the pool liner caused by the maintenance products used, to excessive corrosion of the pool’s steel walls from prolonged water loss or bulk heaving of fiberglass pools due to a high water table, the failure causes vary and sometimes have significant consequences. Harsh Canadian winters may also contribute to the cause of damage to a pool. However, is it frost heave that damaged the pool, the expansion of the ice within the pool or the weight of the snow over the pool? Each type of failure tells a story and leaves specific and unique clues behind.

Pool Failures

Professional engineering expertise at a highly competitive rate

As CEP has a wide range of experts, including Structural and Geotechnical Engineers, we offer an express service to target the cause of pool damage. These express pool reports include four photos and an inspection form, which will provide you with all the information needed to determine the cause of damage. Whether due to normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, sudden failure from environmental factors or a manufacturing or installation defect, you will get a clear picture of the situation at a very competitive price. If necessary, we can provide a detailed report, and will be at your side in the event of a dispute.

Whether it be for inground, above ground or indoor pools, if you have a claim to resolve, the CEP team is here to assist you.

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