Looking for expert witnesses?

Our forensic experts are there to support you

  • When a dispute looms on the horizon, or a case goes to court, the presence of an expert witness who is familiar with the courtroom is a major asset! Giving you the details of the cause, and the subtleties of the circumstances, allows you to better interpret the insurance policy. In addition, questions of liability or possible subrogation will be clarified more quickly, thus facilitating the management of your claim.
  • To support your case, choose one of our many seasoned experts: their impartiality and objectivity will allow you to make the appropriate decisions to settle your case or even go to court. As an expert witness, our experts will be able to explain the details of their opinion, in the event of a trial.

How does a collaboration with CEP work?

By quickly identifying your needs, a good investigator will help you clarify your case.

Visiting the site (if possible), examining parts in the laboratory, searching for standards, analyzing the evidence, securing storage of the exhibits taken or being present in court; we’ll help you through each step, depending on your specific needs.

Take advantage of our facilities, and our measurement and analysis devices

In order to support your file by verifying the hypotheses of our experts, our laboratories make it possible to reproduce the parameters of an incident, allowing us to make adequate observations and to assess and measure even the most complex components.

Opt for expert witnesses with experience in litigation

Over the years, CEP investigators have accumulated significant experience as expert witnesses in several court cases. We can not only explain our investigations, but also avoid the pitfalls of cross-examination in order to deliver convincing testimony.

Leave nothing to chance thanks to CEP

Multidiscip­linary team

To better understand the real causes of your complex claims and their multiple facets, a team of experts from different technical fields, using cutting-edge analytical methods and tools is a guarantee of success.

Easy and adaptable process

A team of multidisciplinary experts can be customized to meet your specific needs. This team will support you during the investigation, from the laboratory to the court.


Take advantage of the field, court or laboratory experience of our scientists, engineers and forensics experts, who are used to complex cases.

Outstanding customer service

From start to finish, rely on the thorough assistance of a project manager to accompany you in the resolution of your case.

Scientists, experts and partners

Working with CEP means finding the answer to your questions in the best possible way. Discover how our approach is unique.