Enjoying a fireproof Christmas holiday

In the spirit of tradition, the month of December marks the period of Christmas and New Year festivities. Whether indoors or outdoors, adding Christmas decorations remains as popular as ever. However, the addition of such items in the contents of our homes can represent a significant fire risk, especially in the case of homemade decorations with easily ignited materials.

Video Animation #2 - Know the Water you are Dealing With!

What do you know about the building envelope? In this edition, we take a look at water and its effect on the building envelope. Beyond leaky roofs, where else does water damage come from? Are the new “tighter” buildings completely sheltered? How can we recognize less obvious damage? All the answers await in this 5-minute video.

Building a Strong Safety Culture

Lack of protocol is often the root cause of accidents. Did you know that in 2018, over 1000 workplace fatalities occurred in Canada? Heat sources near flammable substances, poorly constructed stairs, vehicle collisions, the causes vary.


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