Unveiling the Truth: Water Loss Investigation in Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Did you know that water damage claims are now more frequent than fire-related claims? The same trend applies to fraudulent claims. Hidden information, negligence, half-truths, or lies: some ill-intentioned individuals, or those fearing denial of compensation after water damage, sometimes fabricate stories when filing a claim. Through efficient technical expertise and scientific analysis applied to every claim, our experts can help to separate truth from falsehoods. In this technical article, our forensic engineers provide examples of cases where investigative work has successfully revealed the truth.

Invention of the electric bulb: Let there be light!

In comic strips, characters' bright ideas are often symbolized by a light bulb, and for good reason! Can you think of many inventions that have revolutionized the processes of building design, business creation, and have facilitated advancements in the field of energy? From illumination comes invention! For 150 years, the electric light bulb has illuminated our lives. Discover this incredible story with CEP!

The Benefits of Wood, What to Look Out for and the Importance of Maintenance

Wood stands out as an incredibly versatile material capable of serving multiple purposes. Yet, the intricate nature of a tree's structure adds layers of complexity. Firstly, the wood harvested from a single tree varies in consistency depending on its growth stage. Moreover, despite its utility, wood tends to absorb moisture, posing challenges, particularly in construction applications where moisture is problematic. Safeguarding wood against the elements becomes paramount, necessitating the application of varnish, paint, or stain for protection, along with diligent maintenance to ensure its longevity.

Unravelling Forensic Investigation

Gathering information, facts, and documents is a crucial part of any forensic investigation. In fact, only by gathering all the data can the expert obtain a clear picture of all possible causes to explain a failure. Then they can use fault tree analysis and technical knowledge to identify the root cause(s) of an incident and produce a report to explain it all.

Motor Vehicle Data – The Importance and Use of the Data

In part three of our series on motor vehicle data, our expert concludes by emphasizing the significance of vehicle data in understanding motor vehicle accidents. From aiding repair facilities in diagnosing vehicle issues to assisting forensic engineers in reconstructing collisions, this data plays a crucial role in understanding vehicle dynamics, driver behavior, and liability assessment.

Motor Vehicle Data – Ownership and Accessibility

Part two of our series on motor vehicle data explores the ownership and accessibility of information stored within modern vehicles. Motor vehicle data can be categorized into vehicle-specific and person-specific data. While vehicle-specific data is generally collected during investigations, person-specific data, captured by infotainment systems, raises privacy concerns. Legal precedents in Canada highlight the acceptance of data in courts, emphasizing lawful acquisition and owner authorization.


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