D. Harvey West

D. Harvey West

FEC, P.Eng. | Regional Manager, Vancouver | Senior Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Materials & Metallurgy, Collision Reconstruction, Energy & Industries

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Office : Vancouver

Phone : 604 879-3585     ext. 7105

Email : hwest@cep-experts.ca


Harvey holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.  He brought to the company eight years of industrial experience; in steelmaking; steel foundry; and fastener manufacturing. Over the last 39 years, Harvey has tackled a very wide range of mechanical and materials failure studies.



The science of motor vehicle collision analysis was beginning when Harvey joined the company in 1980.  Assistance was given to the RCMP and local policing agencies to help develop the technology.  Since then, all aspects of motor vehicle collision reconstruction and analysis has formed a significant part of Harvey’s practice. with current emphasis on litigated files. Clients represent both plaintiffs and defendants. Failure analysis and materials engineering form the second portion of his forensic practice, with special interest in medical device failures and slip & fall analyses.  Product testing for compliance and reverse engineering are other areas of endeavor. Industrial failure analysis;  the development of inspection procedures; and the overseeing of inspection projects complete the general areas of expertise.


  • Motor Vehicle Collision Analysis
  • Slip and  fall  testing
  • Industrial Inspections
  • Materials Engineering and Metallurgy
  • Failure Analysis
  • Fire and  Explosion  Investigations
  • Origin and cause