David M. Little

David M. Little

P.Eng. | Senior Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Collision Reconstruction

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Office : Vancouver

Phone : 604 879-3585     ext. 7103

Email : dlittle@cep-experts.ca




Dave joined the company in 1986 after obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Over the past 33 years, he has been involved in almost every aspect of motor vehicle collision analysis and a wide variety of mechanical forensic investigations.


With the introduction in 2000 of access to event data recorders (“black boxes”) and the increased use of GPS in passenger vehicles, Dave has led the Vancouver group in testing and validation of this evidence, having presented his findings at conferences attended by experts from all over North America and abroad. Dave has also spent considerable time accessing and validating other sources of collision data, such as heavy vehicle event data recorders and collision videos such as dash cams and surveillance videos. As a result, he has quickly become a sought-after resource to police, legal and insurance organizations.

As a member of AAAM (Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine), and with almost a decade spent aiding the injured on ski slopes and in ambulances, Dave has expanded his knowledge relating to the mechanisms of injuries. With well over 5000 collisions investigated, Dave has gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of motor vehicle investigations, including calculating vehicle speeds, determining who was driving, investigating evidence of seatbelt use, determining why airbags did or did not deploy and assessing the benefits of bicycle and motorcycle helmet use.

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  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Motor Vehicle Collision Analysis
  • Extraction and Validation of EDR and GPS Data
  • Mechanical Forensic Investigation
  • Seat belt analysis
  • Airbag analysis
  • Helmet use and effectiveness