Kenneth Cowie

Kenneth Cowie

P.Eng. | Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Collision Reconstruction

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Office : Moncton

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Kenneth Cowie holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering obtained from the University of New Brunswick in 2017. As a forensic engineer, Kenneth specializes in the investigation and reporting of insurance claims and litigations for law firms, insurers and insurance adjusters. Having joined CEP’s Collision Reconstruction team, Kenneth focuses on motor vehicle collision reconstruction and has specialized training in event data recorder analysis. His work comprises of carrying out vehicle and collision site inspections, technical analysis, as well as reviewing and authoring technical reports.



With specialized education and experience in forensic engineering, Kenneth can investigate and analyze motor vehicle collisions and clearly communicate the pertinent information to clients. Kenneth’s work involves the investigation of all types of motor vehicle collisions including those involving passenger, commercial, and powersport vehicles, as well as incidents involving pedestrians, animals, and bicycles. Further, Kenneth is also able to assess collision circumstances including seatbelt use, collision severity, pre-impact and post impact vehicle speeds, vehicle dynamics, avoidance potential, and visibility/lighting factors.


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  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Vehicle and Collision Site Examination and Documentation
  • Interpretation of Roadway Markings
  • Event Data Recorder (EDR) Imaging and Analysis
  • Infotainment (Berla) Imaging and Analysis
  • Restraint System Usage and Effectiveness Assessment
  • Vehicle Crush Analysis
  • Momentum, Restitution and Energy Methods
  • Nighttime Visibility Assessments
  • Human Factors and Avoidance Analysis
  • Vehicle failures
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Powersport vehicles (motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s)