Linda Sobaszek

Linda Sobaszek

EIT | Forensic Investigator

Specialties: Collision Reconstruction

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Office : Toronto

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Linda Sobaszek joined the Collision Reconstruction team at CEP in 2020 after graduating from Queen’s University with a B.A.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. She works in the collision reconstruction team, and has undertaken a wide variety of investigations related to collision reconstruction as well as failure analysis of incidents involving mechanical factors.



 As a forensic investigator, Linda specializes in the investigation and reporting of insurance claims and litigations for law firms, insurers and insurance adjusters. Her experience includes investigating motor vehicle collisions involving passenger vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, heavy trucks, trains and recreational vehicles. As part of various motor vehicle accident reconstructions, Linda has conducted vehicle and site inspections and assessed collision circumstances, vehicle and occupant dynamics, collision severity, vehicle pre- and post-impact motion, evasion potential and visibility factors.


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  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Vehicle and Site Examination and Documentation
  • Interpretation of Roadway Markings
  • Passenger and Commercial Electronic Module Data Extraction and Analysis
  • Analysis of Vehicle and Occupant Dynamics
  • Human Factors Analysis Including Visibility Assessments
  • Driver Collision Avoidance Opportunity Assessment
  • Simulation and Animation of Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Investigation of Collisions Involving Recreational Vehicles