Richard-Alexandre Tremblay

Richard-Alexandre Tremblay

P.Eng. | Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Fire & Explosion | Electrical Engineering

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Office : Quebec

Phone : 450 686-0240     ext. 4401

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Richard-Alexandre Tremblay joined CEP’s Quebec team in 2021. Former medical technician in the Canadian Armed Forces, Richard-Alexandre returned to school to study electrical engineering. He graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 2018 and moved back to Quebec to work in the railway industry as a project manager and systems engineer.

As of June 1, 2023, Richard-Alexandre is moving to Rimouski to handle all fire and explosion cases as well as electrical-related losses in this region.


As a forensic engineer based in Rimouski, Richard-Alexandre carries out on-site investigations to determine the origin and cause of fires and explosions. He specializes in electrical-related cases, such as structure fires, product failures and power equipment breakdowns. To complete his investigations, he conducts laboratory tests and simulations to verify hypotheses on the nature and cause of accidents.


  • Fire & Explosion
  • Origin and cause
  • Code-compliance studies
  • Electrical
  • Electrical equipment and network (production, transmission and distribution)