Expanding our service offerings to better serve our clients

CEP’s Ottawa offices recently moved to a new location, and we are now expanding our service offerings! CEP is incredibly pleased to announce that Brett Campbell, founder of Campbell Forensics has joined CEP Ottawa’s multidisciplinary team. As a senior forensic engineer with over 18 years of experience, Brett brings a wealth of experience in the areas of collision reconstruction, insurance fraud investigation, and injury biomechanics.

A well-rounded resume

Brett CampbellWith a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering (injury biomechanics), Brett worked for various forensic engineering companies for seven years before launching his own forensic investigation company, Campbell Forensics, in 2016. His expertise in collision reconstruction and biomechanical engineering extends CEP’s capacity to service our clients in the area. Injury and collision claims in the Ottawa area no longer require experts traveling from Toronto, as we are now able to have boots on the ground to provide help and expertise right away.

Brett’s unique background merges traditional mechanical engineering and biomechanics. This combination provides clients with a complete understanding of the collision itself, as well as the motion of the occupants within the vehicle and an understanding of potential injuries (i.e., whiplash, concussion, etc.).  His work includes occupant kinematics, injury causation, injury risk and tolerance, as well as the analysis of injury prevention and mitigating effects of seatbelts, airbags and helmets.

Elevating our service offering

We are very excited to welcome Brett to our team,” says Éric Chainé, Regional Manager for Ottawa and National Corporate Practices Manager at CEP. “Beyond his broad expertise in both collision reconstruction and biomechanical engineering, Brett is a very conscientious and attentive person with a strong customer service focus. He is a great addition to our team.”

CEP is happy to elevate its service offer by providing our clients with a greater depth of expertise and availability in the Ottawa region. Having recently relocated its Ottawa office to a new and improved location, our multidisciplinary team is now better equipped than ever to support our Ottawa region clients.

With experts in fire investigation, structural and civil engineering, collision reconstruction and biomechanics, as well as other diverse technical failures available at the drop of a hat, we can provide complete forensic engineering and investigative support to all your claims.

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