At CEP, our team is filled with talented scientists, engineers and administrative professionals, but this holiday season, we want to share a different side of them… a sweeter side. 

One of the great joys during the holidays is preparing and enjoying yummy desserts. Inspired by exotic travels, honoring religious holidays or resurrecting lost family recipes to honor loved ones, each member of our team has a different story and inspiration behind their favorite holiday dessert. Some are baking with the kids for a fun and delicious activity, others to gift their loved ones with the goodies or donate to local food banks. Others forgo traditional desserts and create their own unique tradition. Sharing building envelope knowledge with their friends and families while making gingerbread houses or trying brand new recipes while testing architectural limits, we have an incredible team of creative, talented, warm and generous people.

No matter the recipe, or the reason behind it, whether it came out looking as planned or as delicious as expected, the most important things are the happiness and treasured moments we create while preparing and enjoying these treats year after year.

From our table to yours, we wish you a delicious holiday season and our best wishes for the New Year!

Here’s a glimpse of what our team is baking this holiday season. 


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