Infotainment (Berla)

Today’s vehicles are more connected than ever before, with infotainment and telematic systems that connect to drivers’ smartphones, GPS, and the internet. In the event of an incident, these systems can be valuable sources of information: they can provide CEP’s forensic engineers with granular data and insights, including the vehicle’s location at the time of an incident, who was in the vehicle, and the vehicle’s motion leading up to the incident. We can even obtain call logs, contacts, audio recordings, and more.

All of this information is collected using a BERLA toolkit, which requires advanced expertise to operate. Our specialists will often need to take modules apart and read directly from the printed circuit board, and since the data varies between vehicles, they need to know exactly what information is contained in each vehicle, how to retrieve it, and how to interpret it.

Although this new technology can be complex, our forensic investigators are highly experienced with BERLA. CEP can therefore ensure that all relevant data will be obtained, analyzed, and delivered in a timely and accurate manner. No matter which one of our 10 national teams serves you, you can feel fully confident in the answers provided by CEP.