Specialty EDR Equipment (Hyundai / Kia / Tesla / Commercial Trucks)

No two vehicle collisions are exactly alike, and some situations are more complex than others. In the case of commercial trucks and a few specific car manufacturers, the standard Crash Data Retrieval tool cannot be used to access the necessary data to determine the cause of the collision. Instead, these vehicles require specialized training and equipment.

CEP’s forensic engineers have extensive experience with the specialty Event Data Recorder (EDR) equipment needed to obtain crash data in these unique cases. Not only will CEP promptly respond and access the vehicle, but we will also ensure all physical and digital evidence is gathered and documented. Obtaining the digital data is only the beginning, though: our trained experts will then interpret and analyze the EDR data, along with any other information collected during the crash investigation, to deliver clear-cut answers that will help you reach a resolution. With 10 offices across Canada, CEP is a company with both international stature and a local presence; you can call on us no matter where you are.