David Porter

David Porter

M.Eng., P.Eng. | Regional Manager, Toronto | Senior Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Collision Reconstruction

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Office : Toronto

Phone : 647 483-0118

Email : dporter@cep-experts.ca




David Porter is an experienced professional engineer with over 19 years of engineering experience, 15 of which have been as a Forensic Engineer. He has extensive expertise in the reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions, including collisions involving passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, recreational vehicles, bicycles and trains. David has qualified as an expert in the Ontario Superior Court, the Ontario Court of Justice and the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, and has been the lead investigator in over 1000 investigations.



With specialized education and experience in forensic engineering, David can investigate and analyze failures and motor vehicle collisions, and clearly communicate the pertinent points to laypeople. David is able to apply photogrammetry techniques to determine the location of evidence based on photographs, as well as utilize computer simulation to analyze vehicle motion and illustrate that motion with animations if needed.


  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction
  • Simulation and Animation of Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Passenger and Commercial Electronic Module Data Extraction and Analysis
  • Driver Collision Avoidance Opportunity Assessment
  • Nighttime Visibility by Drivers
  • Recreational Vehicle Collisions
  • Restraint System Usage and Effectiveness Assessment
  • Collisions Involving Trains
  • Failure Analysis of Incidents Involving Mechanical Factors
  • Assessment of the Cause of Mechanical Failures
  • Commercial Equipment Failure Analysis
  • Recreational Equipment Function and Failure
  • Photogrammetry and Digital Data Collection