Frédérick Beaucage

Frédérick Beaucage

P.Eng. | Forensic Engineer

Specialties: Structural & Civil Engineering

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Office : Calgary

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Frédérick Beaucage joined CEP Forensic’s civil engineering team at our Ottawa office in February 2017. He served as Regional Manager for the Ottawa office from 2021 to 2023, and stepped down from the position when he moved out West. Frédérick is now based in Golden, BC, where he continues to work for CEP’s civil engineering team.

Frédérick holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering obtained from École Polytechnique de Montréal in 2009. Prior to joining CEP, he worked as a site supervisor, a bridge inspector, and a structural design engineer for building and scaffolding equipment. He also worked as a residential building carpenter before beginning his university studies.



His experience as site inspector in urban infrastructure (sewers, aqueduct, underground electrical conduits, signal lights and street lighting), earthworks (retaining wall, excavation, and embankment), municipal and highway paving, concrete sidewalks and borders, and bridge construction (made of concrete, steel-concrete and steel-wood), combined with his structural design experience, gives Frédérick a good understanding of the dynamics of constructed structures.

As a forensic civil engineer, Frédérick conducts investigations on the claims sites and prepares expert reports to identify the cause of the damage and determine its extent. He is also involved in legal files, when an expert opinion is necessary to enlighten the different parties involved in the case.

As of today, he has performed approximately 800 investigations and has been recognized as an expert witness in court cases.


  • Structural & Civil Engineering
  • Wood, steel and concrete structures
  • Foundations and Geotechnical engineering
  • Excavations and retaining walls
  • Drainage (piping, backflow and foundation drains)
  • Building envelope
  • Civil works (roads, bridges, cuttings and embankments)
  • Construction contract, management and site inspections
  • Municipal infrastructure (sewers, water distribution systems, drainage)
  • Construction defects and construction contracts
  • Code compliance
  • Water infiltrations and mould