Philippe Lefebvre

Philippe Lefebvre

P.T., B.A. | Forensic Investigator

Specialties: Environmental Sciences

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Office : Montreal (Laval)

Phone : 450 686-0240     ext. 4105

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With CEP since 2016, 10 years of experience. Philippe Lefebvre has been working in the environmental field since 2002 and holds a college diploma in “Techniques du milieu naturel, cheminement protection de l’environnement” as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Political Studies, concentration in Law. Philippe joined CEP in April 2016 as a Forensic Investigator. He manages environmental characterization and remediation projects, which implies planning and monitoring the work, as well as writing reports.



Philippe has worked on characterization and remediation projects in residential, commercial and industrial areas, some of which in riparian environments. He has also participated in legal expertise during environmental works. As a Forensic Investigator, Philippe carries out environmental investigations.


  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental characterization
  • Environmental remediation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Underground storage tank removal