Because buildings don’t come to you…
As a civil/structural engineer, Francois’ typical day takes him all across the Atlantic provinces. He’s been with CEP for 4 years, navigating his way around the Maritimes checking on a variety of structures and building components to determine the nature of damages and failures. It works well for him to travel so much, since he considers his car to be his second office… He says it’s where he does some of his best thinking!


Collaboration from start to finish
As a natural problem-solver with a love for solving the puzzles surrounding building failures, Francois often collaborates with CEP’s team of civil-structural engineers. He works with colleagues from coast to coast to analyze to provide answers for his clients, and his background in construction management means he knows how to manage a file from start to finish. Because his work takes him all over the Maritimes, he says having the opportunity to meet and work with so many kind and interesting people is one of the best parts of his job.


From examining breakdowns to breaking a leg on stage
In his spare time, Francois plays guitar in a band. His musical talents take him to a variety of wedding receptions and private functions throughout the area. He also stays busy playing hockey (a true Canadian!) and disc golf in the summer.
All this from a guy who has never tried coffee!


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