After more than four decades of dedicated service in the field of forensic engineering, Harvey West, P.Eng., Regional Manager of the Vancouver office and Senior Forensic Engineer, has decided to take his retirement. His departure marks the end of an impressive career marked by notable contributions in the fields of motor vehicle collision analysis, failure analysis, and materials engineering.

Isabelle Murray

Harvey, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and a Diploma in Business Management from McGill University, began his professional journey in 1971. In the years that followed, he gained valuable experience in the steel industry across Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

In 1980, Harvey joined Baker Materials Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in collision reconstruction, product liability, and forensic engineering. Over the years, he ascended to become a partner and eventually assumed the role of President in 2016, which he kept until the fusion with CEP Forensic in 2019.

Throughout his career, Harvey collaborated with law enforcement agencies, including the RCMP, in developing new technologies for collision reconstruction. In addition to his work in collision reconstruction, Harvey demonstrated a keen interest in failure analysis, particularly in medical device failures and slip and fall investigations. His comprehensive approach encompassed product testing, compliance assessments, and reverse engineering, earning him recognition as a versatile expert in his field.

CEP wishes to congratulate Harvey for his remarkable career, his great contribution to the advancement of forensic engineering and his unwavering dedication. In fact, despite his retirement, he remains committed to tying up loose ends, occasionally visiting the office to complete pending projects.

Harvey’s retirement marks the end of his time as a forensic engineer, but his contributions to the Vancouver office team were significant, and the team remains strong to carry on without him.

As he embarks on the next chapter of his life, his colleagues and peers commend him for his invaluable contributions and wish him a fulfilling retirement.

The entire team of CEP Forensic

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