Debunking Fraudulent Claims with Infotainment Units

Our collision reconstruction group receives lots of inquiries about fraudulent or questionable collision claims. Some of these questions can be resolved by closely inspecting vehicle damage. However, an entirely different set of questions can be addressed by digging into the data stored by a vehicle’s infotainment unit.

The Effects of Vibrations on Buildings

The vibrations transmitted to a building or other engineered structure can lead to damage of varying magnitudes. They can be natural in origin, such as during an earthquake, or they can be mechanical (human or machine created) in nature.

Structural Fire Assessments: Putting Safety First

Following a fire to a structure, numerous steps need to be taken before a building can be repaired and eventually reoccupied. First and foremost, safety must be considered. Throughout Canada, requirements have been established for structural assessments to ensure safe entry to a building following a fire in order to investigate the cause, document and quantify the loss, develop repair plans and retrieve contents.

Shedding light on Biomechanical Investigations

Have you ever had a file come across your desk where there is a question of injury causation or severity? Does it seem beyond a standard engineering analysis of the incident but does not really fit the assessment of a medical physician either? Then a biomechanical engineer might just be the person you need.

Once upon a time in masonry...

Throughout history, brick and stone masonry has been proven to stand the test of time. From the Egyptians and Romans to modern day, all its physicochemical qualities have been assessed; even fairy tales, like the three little pigs, have tested it!


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