Injury Correlation

Bodily injuries are complex and can be expressed in a variety of ways. While medical doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating injuries, understanding how to handle an injury is not the same as understanding what caused it.

Unfortunately, most doctors are not able to determine the cause of an injury because they often rely solely on the injured party’s recollection of the incident. This leads to medical reports that include comments on the cause that are based on what the doctor was told, as opposed to the actual circumstances of the incident.

Biomechanical engineering bridges the gap between diagnosis and causation. Our experts review medical reports and compare the injuries sustained to the circumstances reported. While our engineers don’t examine the injured parties directly, they do examine the locations where the incident took place, including buildings, workplaces, vehicles, or slip/trip/fall locations to glean an in-depth understanding of the incident. When dealing with bodily injury, it’s important to be able to discern which injuries are related to the incident – that’s where injury correlation comes into play.

CEP’s biomechanical experts look for factors including pre-existing conditions that might have contributed to the injury, the likelihood that the surrounding circumstances caused or exacerbated the outcome, and how the victim’s actions may have influenced the occurrence or severity of the incident. We can analyze all the pieces of the puzzle to determine the validity and context of any bodily injury incident that comes your way so you can move forward with confidence.