Workplace Injury

No workplace is immune to on-the-job injuries, from employees who work with heavy machinery to simple everyday events like slips, trips and falls.

Beyond the requirement for an employer to provide a safe working environment, costs can quickly add up when an incident occurs in the workplace. In addition to the injuries requiring time off work, some incidents can have permanent consequences on the injured. From an employer or host liability perspective, OHS investigations, management of WCB claims, and other considerations often represent significant costs.

A solid biomechanical engineering assessment can often be a valuable tool in understanding the nature of the incident and correlating the injury mechanisms to the injuries. Get to the bottom of the situation quickly and effectively with a biomechanical engineering assessment. Could the reported injury have been prevented? Do the injuries relate to the incident? Did the event exacerbate an existing condition?

Trust the biomechanical engineers at CEP to bridge the gap between knowing what happened and the mechanism of injury.