Soot Detection and Analysis

Impressive as it may be, the fire itself is not the only cause of damage. The soot generated can actually cause more, hence the need to intervene quickly after the flames have been brought under control. The problem? Measuring the extent of this possible damage using visual inspections is not sufficient to state with precision that the residue observed, such as a black deposit, contains soot or only dust. As a result, the work required is far from obvious to establish.

CEP Forensic’s soot analysis and detection service considers that fire damage is not limited to areas you can see. This is why the investigator will visit the site as soon as possible. The goal? To qualitatively assess the damage caused by soot, in particular by taking samples, which are then sent to our laboratory. After analysis, the investigator will be able to draw up a summary report that describes the presence or absence of soot in the inspected sector.

Keep in mind that it is indeed qualitative data that will be indicated in this report. In other words, you will not find any information on the quantity or even the chemical composition of the detected soot.


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