Autonomous Systems (Techstream / Bendix Wingman)

Car manufacturers are taking major strides towards making our roads safer. Many newer vehicles have advanced safety equipment – called Autonomous Systems – installed to assist drivers and prevent collisions, with features like automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control.

However, as advanced as this technology can be, no solution is perfect. In the event of an accident, Autonomous Systems can provide essential data to help CEP’s forensic investigators get to the bottom of why a collision occurred, regardless of the cause.

This cutting-edge technology is constantly evolving – that’s why our team stays up-to-date on the latest releases in order to understand how to access and interpret the autonomous systems data. CEP is committed to being a leader in this field by investing in the proper equipment and training to ensure that our experts are at the cutting edge of the available technology, so we can confidently provide accurate and timely answers for our clients.