In the aftermath of a passenger vehicle collision, two things always ring true: time is of the essence, and knowledge is power. From manufacturer defects to driver errors, accidents can happen for any number of reasons. That’s why one of the tools that CEP uses is the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) to get the answers you need – and fast. After arriving at the vehicle, our forensic engineers will ensure all of the evidence is documented, which includes connecting the CDR to the vehicle’s black box to retrieve essential data.

While the first step is to collect collision data in a timely manner, a high degree of expertise is also required to accurately interpret the results and provide answers you can trust. Our specialists are able to interpret the data so that you can understand what information is available, and we can analyze the data to determine what occurred during the collision while cross-referencing our findings with other relevant information collected throughout the investigation.

With trained and experienced forensic engineers located across the country, we are well-positioned to provide local support on a nationwide scale.