Restraint Systems

When you think of vehicle restraint systems, you might immediately come up with seat belts and go no further than that. But there are more to restraints than just belts, and the technology behind these systems can provide a great deal of information. According to Transport Canada, while just 7% of Canadians don’t use their seatbelt, this group accounts for nearly 40% of vehicle collision fatalities. The simple click of a seatbelt saves approximately 1,000 lives each year, making this safety system an extremely important factor in collision reconstruction.

A forensic investigation must be conducted to determine whether the driver and passengers were using the available restraints, whether said restraints were functioning correctly, whether the seatbelt pretensioners deployed, and whether there is evidence of airbag deployment. The experts at CEP can determine if the use of restraints would have reduced the severity of any injuries incurred, as well as airbag deployment and effectiveness.

Quick, responsive, effective: get a comprehensive forensics report from one of CEP’s on-the-ground teams to streamline the post-event insurance process.