Electrical Equipment

Incidents involving electrical equipment have significant repercussions: high repair costs, production shutdown, interruption of essential services and personal injury. Each piece of damaged equipment must be carefully inspected, and the documentation of evidence must be done in a rigorous manner.

Whether it is a question of damage, fire, lightning, ice, transient voltage surges or handling errors, our experts will identify the phenomenon responsible. As soon as possible, they will determine the circumstances surrounding the failure, analyze the underlying factors, assess the damage and propose a solution for the repair or replacement of the assets.

Our team, with solid experience and advanced knowledge of different types of equipment, can help you. CEP’s expertise includes:

  • Power apparatus such as: :
    • Liquid-filled or dry-type transformers
    • Motors, generators
    • Power circuit breakers, disconnect switches, contactors
    • Busways, cables
    • Reactors, capacitors
    • Variable frequency drive systems
    • Relays and control systems
  • Machine tools
  • Appliances for domestic or commercial use