Environmental Dispute

The increasingly complex legislative framework for the environmental sector creates several ambiguities. Considering the magnitude of the stakes in the event of a dispute, the assistance of an expert can only be beneficial.

Thorough, independent and objective, our team members will provide you with the technical and scientific information you need, in a clear and accessible manner.

CEP is available to help you:

  • Validate the conclusions of other expert opinions submitted in the file
  • Comment on the relevance and quality of the work carried out
  • Provide a second opinion on reported discrepancies
  • Evaluate the costs claimed as a result of the work performed
  • Determine the origin and most likely causes of the contamination
  • Collect and analyze legal samples in the field

Our experts in environmental forensics will also assist you in the event of a dispute. With their professional opinion, you will be able to assess the opportunities available to you.