Indoor Air Quality | Mould

Mould and fungal contamination can attack building materials for many reasons.

Whether the cause is water infiltration or damage, chemical contamination, a sudden accident or a historical presence of mould, our environmental science experts have all the tools and knowledge they need to support you. They are supported by teams specialized in building envelopes, mechanics and materials.

Both methodical and effective, the approach recommended by CEP makes it possible to analyze indoor air quality and identify the type of microorganism present in order to avoid health problems for occupants and workers. Assisting you at each step of your project, we:

  • Prepare a history of events as part of a site visit;
  • Take the necessary samples using appropriate sampling media;
  • Conduct analyses in an independent laboratory accredited by provincial authorities;
  • Participate in the development of a plan for corrective action or remediation;
  • Monitor the work and carry out a final inspection.

Because mould is a risk to both health and materials, the experts at CEP can help you determine the best course of action quickly, and can monitor the situation until it is remediated.