The building envelope, including the roof, windows, walls and foundation, is often the only barrier protecting a building from the elements, including water and air penetration. In recent years, the claims related to these kinds of losses have exceeded the amounts paid for fires!

If not dealt with quickly, building envelope issues can lead to other problems, such as mold growth or freezing pipes. Add the growing concerns about indoor air quality, and you can understand why these investigations are crucial.

Thanks to their expertise in water infiltration and construction science, our experts in building envelope forensics can target weakness as quickly as possible, whether it is fenestration, roofing or exterior siding.

Our forensic analysis techniques, including the use of infrared cameras and the calculation of the performance of the building envelope, will tell you if the failure resulted from a construction defect, a design defect or a lack of maintenance. Our experts will also be able to determine if the damage is sudden or if it is the result of infiltration over an extended period of time. If necessary, we will also assist you during your legal proceedings and disputes.