The modern industrial world relies heavily on the performance of machines. Because of this, when a piece of equipment or a part fails, mechanical engineering plays a central role.

For a multitude of reasons, breakdowns happen in these complex environments. If pressure vessels, conveyors, gears, compressors, hydraulic or pneumatic systems are out of service, the economic and human impacts can be very significant.

Consequently, the expertise of our team, specialized in industrial mechanical engineering, allows us to decipher the complex situations that arise in these environments. Experience has taught us that, in this field, it is not enough to grasp the problem, you must also identify the underlying cause in order to allow production to resume quickly. CEP acts immediately to help you clarify the situation and understand the possible consequences during a litigation process.

Our experts will guide you in assessing your compliance with regulations and specifications, particularly in relation to safety and the environment.

CEP’s multidisciplinary team can help you to:

  • Answer your questions about codes, standards, regulations and best practice
  • Clarify the interrelationships between codes, standards and specifications and their application in the field or in the factory
  • Determine the cause of a leak, rupture or other failure on many types of installations
  • Validate the performance and choice of materials or manufacturing methods, whether by welding, machining or other means