The construction of buildings and infrastructure is governed by an impressive number of codes, standards and regulations. When a loss occurs, the code compliance of the elements involved is quickly called into question, and with good reason: A defect can have a considerable impact.

Following a major loss, such as a fire, reconstruction may have to take into account new construction requirements. These can come from local authorities, or even from changes or updates to the building codes. However, standards are not universal from one municipality to another, which complicates the situation. The notion of vested rights, for example, differs from one city to another, hence the importance of using an expert.

An expert will allow you to answer the following questions: Does the building comply with the most recent regulations? Will there be any additional costs to comply with the standards? Does the building have any other issues?

Our experts will help you determine the building’s compliance by carrying out a search through the various documents concerning the completion of the work being investigated. In addition to clarifying the situation, we will propose concrete solutions to bring it up to current codes and ensure the repairs return the building to an acceptable condition.