Once the dust has settled, a building destroyed by flames raises many questions. To clarify the situation, our specialized fire and explosion engineers are usually the first to arrive in the field.

In other cases, the structure is affected to such an extent that there is doubt: Is the affected area safe to enter? Will the roof and stairs last long enough to inspect the premises? Does the presence of asbestos require special precautions?

Because compliance with best practices is at the heart of CEP’s approach, our experts come in to ensure that stakeholders are not at risk. They ensure that accessing the site is not dangerous and propose an action plan to support the structure if necessary.

When the premises are deemed safe, the second phase of their work begins: visual inspections, classifications and damage characterizations supported by destructive or non-destructive test results and analysis.

Our experts seek to identify and protect those sections of the building that are still viable and can therefore be recovered. They also assess whether a construction non-compliance facilitated the spread of the fire.

At the end of this process, you will have an assessment of the extent of the damage, as well as sketches and repair details according to your needs, in hand. Our team can assist you at every step: from the permit application to reconstruction supervision. In a short time, all traces of the incident will be erased.