Underground infrastructure is the hidden, but essential, side of urbanization. Without it, the functioning of cities is compromised. Although buried, these structures are not immune to situations leading to breakage or failure.

This infrastructure includes roadway foundations and subfoundations, access shafts and electrical structures, gas pipes, public utilities and water and sewer systems.

These complex structures can be damaged or reach the end of their useful life prematurely for several reasons. With urbanization and population growth, for example, a new problem is emerging. Existing infrastructures no longer always meet the needs of the areas they serve, particularly sewers and drainage systems. Damage during nearby work, negligent maintenance, non-compliance of the design and severe weather conditions are other situations that can cause significant damage.

But who is really responsible for these damages?

Given the potential scale of an event and the extent of the damage resulting from failures of urban or hydraulic infrastructure, disputes are frequent. This is where the experts at CEP can help you. Our team investigates the causes of the damage and helps you determine who is responsible. Based on our experience, we can advise you on the origin of problems and possible remedies.