And how our experts manage to determine the cause of the disaster

Heavy vehicles are part of our daily lives. Although many people are familiar with the tractor trailer, which we see in abundance on our roads, a multitude of other heavy vehicles exist, in all forms and for very distinct applications. They serve not only to transport material, but also to transform our environment by maneuvering, extracting and modifying natural resources, among other things.

They operate in the industrial, agricultural, forestry, mining and energy sectors and the potential failures are numerous. Engine failure, hydraulic system contamination, control system failure, electrical problem or frame failure are just a few examples of parts or systems whose malfunction can lead to major problems. CEP’s multidisciplinary expertise can help you see things more clearly.

Information gathering and analysis

Once the assignment is received, a multi-step investigation begins. First, we gather the facts by discussing with the client and the insured, in addition to any provided documentation. The expert then looks at the vehicle’s specifications, checks whether it is affected by any recalls and reviews any available maintenance records, ensuring they correspond to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This is followed by the examination of the vehicle, and detailed analysis of all the physical evidence. The expert then determines their hypotheses and completes various calculations or tests to verify it. Once a solid and verifiable conclusion has been determined, our expert contacts the client before drafting a report on the origin and the cause of the loss.

CEP: a fusion of expertise

With our team of qualified and versatile professionals and engineers, CEP stands out. Our experts meet all the needs encountered in a file relating to heavy vehicles. Their skills, whether in mechanical, electrical, or materials, allow them to effectively investigate all kinds of problems that affect this varied and expensive equipment. At CEP, files related to heavy equipment issues are handled quickly, efficiently…and above all, safely. Do not hesitate to contact the experts of CEP for your future files!

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